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Marketing can help create and lead a counter-culture that posits creativity and instinct, in addition to real connections that are human, against the machine’s regime. Tim Leberecht believes in the ability of romance. The CMO of architecture and design firm NBBJ wrote a business book extolling the ability in making relations with customers which amorous marketing keeps. The book, The Business Romantic: Provide Everything, Quantify Nothing, and creating something bigger than yourself, shows how small, daily activities might help construct more humane economics and provides a look at why brands that create such minutes in their customer’s encounters are winning.

Here are his explanations of injecting meaning. Today’s branding and advertising depend on technology? Technology drives instinct and artwork. Marketing is becoming a data play. This brings with it surveillance tools, a fear that data and neuroscience enable marketers to fulfill it before we’re aware of them ourselves and to anticipate our every need. Our times expect us to be transparent consistent and predictable as workers and customers. Big Data automation and calculations tell us what we share and need to like.

What’s missing in advertising strategies? Marketing is about producing empathy and behavior change intrinsically. Bu marketing is, too frequently, stuck in the paradigm of the intelligent era, in the thinking that intelligent equals good. Smart means amassing as much knowledge as possible about clients, analyzing every corner of our quantified selves, and delivering hyper-targeted messages and interactions to optimize our behaviors. That information-driven, algorithmic model of advertising has its merits. But it’s not enough. We need both information and delight. The small distortions of reality, these cracks of imperfection, this exuberant – passions which vie for nothing, but passion itself, the minutes we lose control.

Brands that create such moments in their client experience understand that romanticism is this ultimate differentiator within a world of optimizers and maximizers. When every company is doubling down on a purpose or precision, romance can be 3rd place. Romantic brands will create a real bond with their clients, that will assist these defy competitive pressures in the long term. Without romance, profoundly emotional devotion to a company, brand or purpose client loyalty remains fickle.

How to bring back passion and creativity back into our messages? Be an amateur again. Make your clients view the world with fresh eyes. Surprise them and violate their expectations. Do things as if you did these for the very first time. A growing number of manufacturers are turning to activists who put their organization’s values in action. The Stratus Jump by Red Bull or Doves Real Beauty campaign, who face real issues with real people.

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